Thursday, April 23, 2009

There I Was Waiting For A Chance


There I was waiting for a chance
hoping that you'll understand
the things I wanna say

But my love
stronger than before
I wanna see you more and more
but you close the door

Why don't you try
to open up heart
I won't take so much of your time......

Maybe it's wrong to say please love me again
because I know you never do
somebody else is waitin' there inside for you....

maybe it's wrong to love you more and more each day
because I know it's here to stay....
but I know to whom you should belong....

I believe what you said to me
we should set each other free
that's how you want it to be...

But my love is strong
I don't know if this is wrong
but I know to whom you should belong....

Give me a love that will last forever...our name 'daling' is so sound good together...once upon a time...something happened to was the sweetest, thing that ever could be, a fantasy, a dream come true, it was the day that I met you love someone...tell them...coz hearts are broken by words left unspoken...dear diary...dear my daling...I think I'm in love...tears are the words that heart can't say...would I lie to you...I'm not you star...never break the heart that loves are my only are my obey and only...I love you this much...your kisses make the world fade...say 'I love you' like you mean it! I'm gonna love you forever...I know we have been through hard and rough times but you will always be my daling no matter what happens...spare me just three last words I love you...if it's loving you want you should you make me your right man...and maybe your gonna be the I that save me...I will always love you...

I love you so much daling...

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